9 Day Weight Loss Cleanse


The key to weight loss is to get your body functioning at its optimal metabolic capacity. When a person gains weight, it is usually due to four primary reasons –poor food choices, improper serving sizes, toxin overload and defective metabolic functioning. These factors must be addressed before you can lose weight and maintain a healthy weight. Weight drops when your metabolism is functioning normally and you follow a balanced diet of whole foods. Proper metabolic function can be restored simply through diet, cleansing,  herbs, and lifestyle adjustments.

Your mind also plays a very large role in weight gain and weight loss. If you allow your mind to calm, you start the rejuvenation process.  Shirodara is Ayurveda’s cure all treatment.  During this procedure, a constant stream of warm oil is poured over the forehead. You will enjoy this state of stillness for 25-30 minutes during which the body starts its work. A Shirodara leaves you in absolute state of bliss because it is the only place on your body where the sympathetic and the parasympathetic nerves cross. When you have sympathetic dominance you are in “fight/flight” mode and you will create insulin resistance, which will prevent you from losing weight.

The 9-Day Weight Loss Cleanse is a complete program that provides all the elements needed to restore your metabolism and to start the cleansing process. It includes packages of food that contain complete proteins and all six tastes to leave your body satisfied. The spices and herbs in the packages increase the metabolism and digestive fire while slowly detoxing your body. Included in the package are homemade ghee, raw honey, herbal tea, oils and all the herbs you need to do the purge on day number Nine. If the instructions are followed properly, the cleanse will be a nurturing process for your body and it will not leave you feeling fatigued. The amount of weight loss will vary depending on your lifestyle, stress levels, and how well you follow the program. The Cleanse Package includes two hot oil treatments to loosen stubborn toxins and fat deposits and to re-balance the hormones.

Program costs: $375

Includes: Initial consult to determine your dosha, weaknesses, goals, and explore new ideas, 9-Day Food and Cleanse package, Abhyanga and Shirodara treatments – 1.5 hours, 30 minute Optimal Health Session to continue healthy habits and lifestyle.