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Abhyanga – $75

Abhyanga is characterized by the light, synchronized application of hot oil to all four of the body surfaces, beginning with the head and ending with the feet. Treatments help to nourish the skin, and promote healing and balance. They are meant to gently detoxify the body, all the while removing stubborn fat deposits. Clients suffering from chronic pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia, MS and Lupus will find relief from their conditions with these gentle treatments. Allow yourself to relax and rejuvenate the body. 1 Hour Read More

Shirodara – $45

This hot oil treatment, applied to the center of the forehead by a slow stream, is used to set the rejuvenation process in motion. It is ideal for relieving stress, as well as for those who suffer from neurological disorders associated with ticks and tremors, like Parkinson’s disease, or for facial weakness or minor paralysis associated with stroke. This thirty minute treatment, conducted in complete silence, will allow clients to fully surrender themselves, and to begin the healing process. 20 minutes. Read More