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Abhyanga – $75

Abhyanga is characterized by the light, synchronized application of hot oil to all four of the body surfaces, beginning with the head and ending with the feet. Treatments help to nourish the skin, and promote healing and balance. They are meant to gently detoxify the body, all the while removing stubborn fat deposits. Clients suffering from chronic pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia, MS and Lupus will find relief from their conditions with these gentle treatments. Allow yourself to relax and rejuvenate the body. 1 Hour Read More

Shirodara – $45

This hot oil treatment, applied to the center of the forehead by a slow stream, is used to set the rejuvenation process in motion. It is ideal for relieving stress, as well as for those who suffer from neurological disorders associated with ticks and tremors, like Parkinson’s disease, or for facial weakness or minor paralysis associated with stroke. This thirty minute treatment, conducted in complete silence, will allow clients to fully surrender themselves, and to begin the healing process. 20 minutes. Read More

Udvartana – $90

A stimulating massage using special herbal powder to reduce cellulite accumulations, improve circulation and enhance your skin’s texture and appearance. We thoroughly exfoliate your body using a powerful mixture of Ayurvedic powders which will break up fatty deposits and energize blood circulation. A delightful body treatment to remove excess heat from your body, enhancing circulation and drawing fresh energy to the surface of the skin. Great for weight loss and pain clients also as each herbal mix is blended personally.  Clients of all body types love this treatment as it leaves the skin so soft and smooth. 1.5 hours $90 (includes shower) Read More

Basti – $45 ($35 if added on to a treatment or $30 for 3 or more booked consecutively)

A Basti is a dough dam created by the therapist from gram, or chick pea flour. The dam is molded and to be placed over a specific region of the body. The dam is present to contain medicinal oils that are to be retained over an affected area for roughly twenty minutes. Life without Pain offers several different types of Basti treatments. Some types are: Adrenal and Lower Back, Thyroid, Heart, Sacral, and Third Eye Basti. Please Read More to pick one that suites your own needs. 45 minutes Read More

Basti/Shirodhara Package – $75

Combines both treatments of a Basti of your choice, exception of full spine, and a 20 minute Shirodhara.

Lepa – Herbal Patch – $45 ($35 if added on to a treatment or $30 for 3 or more booked consecutively)

Depending on the approach, whether it is to remove toxins or pain, a customized herbal blend is formulated and applied to the area of concern, whether that be knees, lower back, shoulders, etc. Clients will sit for approximately twenty minutes with the paste on the skin. This treatment can be added to other courses of treatment such as Healing Touch Therapy, Shirodara, etc. 30 minutes Read More

Lepa/Shirodhara Package – $75

Combines both treatments of a Lepa of your choice and a 20 minute Shirodhara.

Netra – Eye Treatment – $45 ($25 if added on to a treatment)

A dough dam is created to encircle the eye. Warm ghee is then poured over the eye, and allowed to sit for a period of time. This treatment is ideal for reversing the adverse effects of over stimulation, primarily from electronics like computers and TVs. Strained and overtired eyes will be relieved after this brief therapy. 30 minutes Read More

Nasya – Nasal/Sinus – $45

Sinus inflammation, disturbed memory, or ringing of the ears (Tinnitus) are irritants that can be improved through Nasya. Treatment begins with a massage to the head, neck and shoulders, before being veiled. Steam vapor is introduced and inhaled for several minutes to clear congestion. Client will then be asked to lay on their backs while Nasya drops are applied to each nostril. While resting for several moments, clients may choose to add additional treatments, or may take part in the entire Five Sense Cleanse package. 30 minutes Read More

Leeching – Thyroid/Skin conditions – $30

Leeching, the process of applying leeches to the skin strategically to relieve blockage and reduce toxins, is a holistic medicinal tool that has been in use for almost 3,000 years. The therapy piggybacks on the idea of bloodletting, however does not deserve the bad press it historically has received. Ancient Indian civilizations as well as the likes of the Greeks turned to this therapy for a number of illnesses. Today, leeches are still a valued participant in the surgical recovery wards of hospitals in the U.S. New therapies have even found their use beneficial to arthritis and diabetes suffers. And because hypothyroidism is caused by blockage in the circulatory system, leeching to remove these toxins can have a positive impact on hormone imbalance as well.

Application is both painless, safe, and the experience is short-lived. Keep in mind however, that while your treatment will be short, the benefits are long-lasting and oh so sweet. When coming for treatment, please bring a book or something to occupy your mind for the hour-long treatment. Clients may combine their bloodletting treatment with other Ayurvedic therapies; a Shirodara would be the perfect complement to cleanse both the blood and the brain. Leeching is beneficial for almost all skin maladies (psoriasis, acne, alopecia, boils, abscesses, varicose veins, eczema, the list goes on and on! ). People with high cholesterol, history or risk of blood clot, high blood pressure, diabetes, Thyroid disorders, osteoarthritis, allergies, to name a few – can all benefit from this therapy.  If you are taking any sort of medications, this treatment can not be performed. Read More

Healing Touch Therapy – $65

An energetic therapy in which practitioners use their hands in a heart-centered and intentional way to support and facilitate physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health and well-being in the client. Through this, both the human and environmental energy fields will be balanced, for an overall sense of release and restoration. One hour  Read More

Five Senses Cleanse – $125

A treatment designed to enhance all five of the body’s senses. Clients will undergo a massage of the head, face, neck and back before being steamed to loosen mucous in the respiratory system. A nasya treatment will then follow. Once the sinuses are cleared the eyes will be addresses with a netra treatment. Finally, the ears will be cleared by oil application, or karna purna. 1.5 hours (can be added to an Abhyanga for reduced cost) Read More

Vibrational Marma Therapy – $65

Marmas, or marma points,  can be thought of as channels that convey the flow of information and nutrients. Supported and developed based on the principles of Ayurveda, the theory behind marma therapy suggests that the marmas may become clogged or damaged due to stress (environmental, this includes nutrition or emotional, including stress). When used by your Ayurvedic practitioner, disease can either be treated or prevented. This is considered a therapeutic form of touch, similar to massage, where the marmas are stimulated by rhythm and pressure. One Hour  Read More