Life Without Pain

It is my philosophy, and genuine life’s mission to rid the world of unnecessary pain. My education as an Ayurvedic practitioner provides me with the tools for assisting my clients in reaching their own wellness goals, specifically that of relieving persistent pain, through nutrition, the use of herbs and spices for their medicinal properties and various therapeutic treatments.

Ayurveda, or the practice of traditional, holistic Indian medicine, is a five thousand year old system. In treating a patient, the root or the source of the ailment is discerned and treated by adhering to the laws of nature and re-establishing the lost harmony within the sick body. Aside from the physical, Ayurveda is concerned with the mental aspect of life as well. Mental clarity is essential in the synchronization of all body systems, key in maintaining healthy and vitality.

Unlike other programs closely connected with nutrition, Ayurveda is not about creating lists of do’s and don’ts, instead it is about integrating healthy principles into your daily life to nurture and maintain a vigor that may have been unavailable to you. Through my own journey to health, including but not limited to challenges with chronic pain, fibromyalgia, hypothyroidism, etc, I have been keenly acquainted with the suffering of an imbalanced body. By understanding and incorporating Ayurveda into my own life I was able to return my body to wellness, and now I have devoted my career to doing the same in others.